About us:

The walmarthurtsamerica.com website was launched in the early summer of 2004, to help Americans better understand Walmart’s effect on our society.

After personal experience with Walmart’s business practices and after watching Walmart’s stunning growth over the last dozen years, I have come to the conclusion that Walmart is the greatest economic threat that our country will face in my lifetime.

Walmart is changing the fundamentals of not only how we do business but the way we treat each other as human beings. Walmart’s race to the bottom rubs off on every aspect of our society. Because of their size and success, their methods are copied and embraced by many others. Beat up your vendors, move off-shore, cheapen your product, outsource. This is the Walmart way and this is becoming the trend for much of America. Walmart is a destructive force - a force that is crushing America’s national soul.

I could go on, but I would rather you, the reader, take in the many articles presented here and make up your own mind. I recommend that you watch the Frontline documentary “Is Walmart Good For America”, which is available from PBS for on-line viewing or for purchase . I also recommend that you read the Pulitzer Prize winning series by the Los Angeles Times highlighted in the information section.

My hope is to give the visitor a sense of insight into Walmart’s actions that goes beyond saving a few hundred dollars a year and to understand that eventually, if played out to its conclusion, the choice to patronize Walmart is hurtful to ones self and to our nation.


Arthur Taylor